2 thoughts on “Today’s ‘Earth Day’ is Tomorrow’s ‘Today’ ~ Take Action Now

  1. Great article, thank you. Real actions folks can take now are to have a Home Energy analysis (it’s easy, call Revise Energy in town and Bedford schools get a benefit), compost your food scraps- the town offers bins, or join others who successfully use Black Earth compost, use natural fertilizers on our lawns to nourish the life beneath the grass, or even replace some of the lawn with a food garden or fruit trees. Small changes, big difference! Thanks Elizabeth!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth, I love these good suggestions! The next step is to join with neighbors and others to support larger projects like opting up to 100% clean electricity through the Bedford Community Choice Electricity program. Working together, taking both small and bigger steps, we will move into a cleaner, greener and more just future!

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