Ventilation in Schools Meets High Standards

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Facilities Director Taissir Alani continues to assure the Bedford School Committee that ventilation equipment in the school is meeting the highest standards.

Alani presented contractor’s documents indicating levels of airflow in classrooms and other school spaces, comparing the designed capacity and the actual flow.

The only variable compromising the outcome is the presence of MERV-13 air filters, which compensate for less airflow by cleaning the air more completely, he explained. “We all agreed we would rather keep the MERV-13.”

“We feel very comfortable with the numbers at Davis and Lane,” Alani said. “JGMS numbers look really excellent. The high school—there is not much we need to do other than test large areas. Classroom numbers look excellent.”

Asked by committee member Brad Morrison about ventilation in cafeterias at the middle and high schools, Alani said the rear cafeteria at BHS needs to be retested, to improve on results from last August.

“We have made sure all the equipment on the roof is functioning well,” Alani said. “I have no doubt the number will be OK.”

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