Would You take Less Salary to Work from Home?

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Apparently people really like working from home.  A recent poll says 73% of people surveyed say they would like the ability to continue to work from home after the pandemic.  It makes sense: less time commuting, less expense commuting, less childcare, etc. There a lot of advantages.  Another survey took it even farther, trying to quantify what the ability to remain working from home is worth.  An admittedly non-scientific poll found that given the choice between an employee staying in their current job that allows them to work remotely, versus taking a new job that requires them to be in the office but would pay $30k more, 64% said they would choose the remote option for less money.


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One thought on “Would You take Less Salary to Work from Home?

  1. Absolutely not. That would imply either, the work one was doing was truly a lower quality as a result of working from home, or, that simply because working from home has quality of life benefits, an employee should be financially penalized for that. Hard no. I’d never accept a pay cut to work from home.

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