A Fawn Lake Mystery ~ What’s ‘The Beav’ Up To?

‘The Beav’ has been at work, removing the protective wrapping from trees near Fawn Lake

It’s a Fawn Lake mystery!

  • The Culprit: ‘The Beav’—may be carrying a hammer.
  • The Profile: Between 40-50 lbs, wearing a shiny dark coat, dragging a big tail, and sporting large front teeth. Likes to act tough by slapping his tail on the water surface.
  • The Crime: Removing nails/fencing wrapped around vulnerable trees at Fawn Lake.
  • The Weapon: Maybe using his teeth but most likely a hammer. Possibly carrying a bag to hold used nails.

Humans—volunteering in conjunction with the Town of Bedford Conservation Commission and Engineering Departments—have apparently been annoying the beavers of Fawn Lake.

The humans have gathered materials, organized identification treks, recruited more volunteers, and invested endless hours of cutting, wrapping, and attaching wire barriers to trees, trees that the beavers assume belong solely to them.

It’s been discovered that ‘The Beav’—for who else would do this?—has decided to remove the tree wraps the humans have installed.

This has become very disappointing, and difficult for the humans to keep up with. If you haven’t walked around Fawn Lake in a while you would be shocked at the destruction.

If you come across ‘The Beav’, please ask him to stop undoing all the work of our volunteers as we work toward a way to coexist.

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