Bedford High School Awards Night ~ May 19, 2021

Bedford High School’s Awards night on May 19 recognized both academic and community achievements for the Class of 2021, and the Book Awards presented to members of the Junior Class.

Senior Class Awards

Lt Col Kenneth Mierz, USAF (retired), Program Director

Aerospace Science Honor Award
The recipient of this award maintains academic and military excellence as well as demonstrated positive personal attributes. Also, this student is an active supporter of all Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) extracurricular activities throughout the school year.
Joshua Brown

Sean Hagan, Program Director

Dedication & Commitment Award
The recipient of this award is a senior art student who has exhibited exemplary qualities in performance and behavior through a strong work ethic. mature attitude and love for the practice of creating visual artwork.
YiChen Li

Art Department Honor Award
The Art Department is pleased to recognize an outstanding senior art student for consistently demonstrating excellence in the technical development and the expression of exemplary aesthetic values in the creation of original visual artwork.
Lily Barsam-Thompson

Elizabeth Marcotte, Program Administrator

Dedication and Commitment Award

This award is given to one student in each grade who best exemplifies curiosity, insight, resilience, and commitment to the study of English literature and language.
Annanta Budhathoki

English Honor Award
Each year, the English Department recognizes an outstanding senior who has demonstrated academic excellence, curiosity, and a love of literature. This student has proven to be a reflective, critical, and creative writer and thinker through all four years of high school.
Shana Wolckenhaar

Creative Writing Award
The English Department is pleased to recognize a senior who has demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship in creative writing., both in coursework and in contributions to Stylus, the school’s literary magazine..
Julia Fair

Dana Curran, Program Director

The Biliteracy Awards recognize high school seniors who attain functional and academic levels of proficiency in English and a second language.

LOC Biliteracy Achievement Award
The recipients of the Language Opportunity Coalition’s award have demonstrated proficiency in English as measured by ELA MCAS scores and have demonstrated Intermediate-Mid level proficiency in a second language as defined by the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines of 2012, published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
Anisha Aggarwal, Natalie Barney, Alethia Chan, Riley Danie,l Sydney Daniels, Ryan Doucette, Jillian Guetersloh, August Huber, Taylor Lewis, Matthew Liang, Shaan Manocha, Jeremy Ngooi, Oliver Nosal, Jasper Paez, Ahmad Radi, Michael Rogers, Lindsay Shamon, and Julia Silverstrone

MA State Seal of Biliteracy

The recipients of State Seal have demonstrated proficiency in English as measured by ELA MCAS scores and have demonstrated Intermediate-High level proficiency in a second language as defined by the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines of 2012, published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
Timothy Bennett, Mina Bostwick, James Brosgol, Vincent Canciello, Caitlin Connors, Brendan Coyne, Julia Fair, Katherine Fhu, Molly Gilarde, Elizabeth Herzog, Emily Kociubes, Maxim Kovalenko, Alexander Lin, Connor Loughlin, Rosalind Lowen, Manogna Reddy, Isabella Santiago, Sarah Semy, Shana Wolckenhaar, and Tomislav Zovko

MA State Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction

The recipients of State Seal with Distinction have demonstrated advanced proficiency in English as measured by ELA MCAS scores and have demonstrated Advanced-Low level proficiency in a second language as defined by the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines of 2012, published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
Maya Driscoll

Dedication & Commitment Award
The recipient of this award demonstrates exceptional initiative: enthusiasm, improvement, service, citizenship and passion for the language.
Lindsay Shamon

World Language Honor Award
The recipient of this award has achieved the most advanced levels of proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and understanding one or more world languages. The department also considers the student’s passion for the study of world languages, appreciation of other cultures and commitment to using the target language.
Spanish ~ Shana Wolckenhaar
French ~ Sophia Gitlin
Latin ~ Caitlin Connors
Overall ~ August Huber

Patrick Morrissey, Program Administrator

Mathematics Dedication and Commitment
The recipient best exemplifies a strong work ethic, positive attitude, determination, and willingness to help others.
Olivia Belbute

Business Education Honor Award
The recipient of this award best typifies excellence and/or improvement in her academic endeavors based upon the following criteria: self-discipline, growth, perceptiveness, awareness, breadth of knowledge, and imagination.
An’Tavian Brown

Mathematics Honor Award
The recipient has proficiencies in adaptive reasoning, strategic competence, conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. They see math as sensible, useful, and worthwhile.
Shana Wolckenhaar

Nicole O’Toole, Program Director

Performing Arts Honor Award
The recipient of this award demonstrates excellence not only in music or theater performance but also in their participation during class and extra-curricular department activities.
Brendan Coyne

Keith Mangan, Program Director

Health and Physical Education Honor Award
The recipient of this award is recognized for their commitment to wellness. They have demonstrated this commitment through enthusiastic participation, leadership and cooperation in the gymnasium, classroom or on the dance floor.
Tobias Pedersen

Family and Consumer Science Honor Award
The recipient of this award best exemplifies the qualities of m1t1at1ve, self-motivation, performance, cooperation, attitude, and responsibility.
Sydney Daniels

Michael Griffin, Program Administrator

Dedication and Commitment Award
This award is presented to students who maximize their own potential and the potential of others through their interest, curiosity, effort, and skills in science.
Annanta Budhathoki & Tomislav Zovko

Computer Science Award
The Computer Science award is given to a graduating senior who has taken advantage of courses and competitions, and has achieved excellence programming and supporting the computer science program.
Brendan Coyne

Technical Education Honor Award
The Technology Education Department Award is presented to the outstanding senior who best exemplifies the qualities of initiative, self-motivation, performance, cooperation, workmanship, attitude, and responsibility.
Jasmine Wright

Science Honor Award
The Recipient exemplifies the spirit and curiosity of science, demonstrates a firm understanding of science, a willingness to help others, and involvement in science that goes beyond the school day. They have maintained high academic rigor and excellence in the science courses chosen.
Brendan Coyne

Christine Butler, Program Administrator

Dedication & Commitment Award
The recipient of this award demonstrates initiative and intellectual growth. The quality of work demonstrates the recipient’s passion for and commitment to growing as a learner in the subject of Social Studies. The recipient’s contributions to class discussions enrich others’ learning as well.
Niderah Jaggan

Daughters of the American Revolution History Scholar Award
The  Daughters of the  American   Revolution   (DAR), founded in 1890 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a non-profit, non-political volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America’s future through better education for children. This award is presented by the Old Concord Chapter of the DAR to an outstanding American history student at Bedford High School.
Caitlin Connors

Louise S. Davis Award
Louise S. Davis started teaching at the middle school in 1953, then came to the high school in 1959. In 1963, she became Chairperson of the Social Studies Department and retired in 1973.   This award is presented to a student who is a contributing school citizen, and one who exemplifies the qualities of outstanding leadership and character at Bedford High School.
Catherine Oordt

Social Studies Honor Award
The recipient of this award demonstrates initiative and academic excellence in the most rigorous courses in the department. The recipient’s contributions to class discussions enrich others’ learning as well.
Julia Fair

Keith Mangan, Athletic Director
Senior Athletic Awards are sponsored by the Bedford Athletic Association

BUC Club
This award goes to student-athletes that have participated in a sport each season for all four years.
James Brosgol, Tsoline Gevorkian, Elizabeth Henning, Michael Rogers, Julia Silvestrone

DCL Sportsmanship Award
This award is given to athletes from each DCL School who best represents the characteristics and qualities of Sportsmanship.
Gustavo Coto & Katherine Kranz

Buccaneer Award
This award is given to one male and one female athlete who have both participated in athletics throughout high school and have encouraged and supported their teammates and put the team ahead of themselves.
Matthew Mulligan & Julia Silvestrone

Ned Spellman Memorial Award
This award is given annually to the outstanding Male and Female athletes in memory of Ned Spellman, who was a dedicated supporter of Bedford High School Athletics Adam Driscoll & Tsoline Gevorkian & Robert Marcus

Jay R. Porter Memorial Award
This award is given in memory of Jay F. Porter. Jay Porter, as a member of the Class of 1970, was a recipient of both the Bedford High School Most Outstanding Student Athlete and the Bedford Lions Club Outstanding Athlete Award. This award is given to a student who best exemplifies the interests and desires that Jay had in distinguishing himself through various athletic and scholastic achievements.
Brendan Coyne

The Helen Gfroerer Scholar Athlete Award
This award is given annually to a member of the senior class who has distinguished her and/or herself in academics and athletics. The award is given in honor of Ms. G for her many years of dedicated service as a teacher and coach at Bedford High School.
Taylor Lewis

Presenters: Assistant Principals Thomas Casey and Daniel Hudder

NHS Service Award
This service award is given to the member of the National Honor Society who best exemplifies the four qualities demonstrated by its members: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.
Alexander Lin

Kevin Connolly Award
The Kevin Connolly Award is given to a student who has inspired others by their perseverance and kindness to others.
Dominic Cogliano

Martha Hoo Award
The Martha Hoo Award is given in honor of Martha Hoo’s 18 years of service as a member of the Bedford School Committee to a senior who exemplifies Mrs. Hoo’s respect for cultural diversity, love of learning, and constructive leadership.
Ryan Doucette

Karen Frank Award: Generosity of Spirit
The Karen Frank award is given this year in honor of Ms. Karen Frank whose work at Bedford High School has touched the hearts of innumerable students. She is known for her generosity of spirit and her belief in the goodness
and dignity of all students.
Ty-Janee Brewster

Paula Verrier Award
Paula Verrier served the Bedford Public Schools for 36 years as a teacher, coach, and class advisor. The Paula Verrier Award is presented to a student who inspiringly exemplifies the commitment to learning, school spirit and service that Ms. Verrier demonstrated throughout her career.
Gustavo Coto

Jake and Maureen Sullivan Award
Jake Sullivan and Maureen Sullivan taught in the Social Studies and English Departments, respectively. Together, they share 59 years of inspiring Bedford High School students to ask questions, think deeply and appreciate the rich diversity and compelling commonality of the human experience. This award is presented to a student who has exceptional global insight and a strong interest in human rights.
Willa Potter

MSAA Principal Award
The Massachusetts School Administrators Association Award is for a student who is recognized for their outstanding contributions to their school.
Hannah Hamdani

Ann Milligan Memorial Award
Ann Milligan served as a secretary in the main office of Bedford High School. In the 2011 yearbook dedication, Superintendent Sills stated, “She knew virtually every student’s name, and their knowing that she knew made their interaction with the office especially personal.” He describes her as “a woman of immeasurable honesty, caring and integrity.” This award is given to a student whose indomitable spirit, kindness and service to Bedford High School exemplify Mrs. Milligan’s many strengths.
Angelica Baez-Castillo

Presenter: Principal Heather Galante

Massachusetts Superintendent’s Academic Award
The recipients of this award are students who demonstrate outstanding all-around academic achievement.
Maya Driscoll & Katherine Fhu

Hall of Fame Award
The Hall of Fame Award is presented to Seniors with a (Simple) GPA of 90 or above for their academic career.
Anisha Aggarwal, Aleeza Alvarado, Natalie Barney, Lily Barsam-Thompson, Olivia Belbute, Timothy Bennett, Mina Bostwick, James Brosgol, Annanta Budhathoki, Vincent Canciello, Alaina Capone, Alethia Chan, Caitlin Connors, Brendan Coyne, Aidan Crotty, Riley Daniel, Sydney Daniels, Maitri Dedhiya, Ryan Doucette, Maya Driscoll, Aram Eskandarian, Aileen Espinoza, Julia Fair, Katherine Fhu, Tsoline Gevorkian, Molly Gilarde, Sophia Gitlin, Jillian Guetersloh, Hannah Hamdani, Megan Healey, Elizabeth Henning, Elizabeth Herzog, Isabel Hon-Anderson, Cameron Horne, August Huber, Emily Kociubes, Sonya Kupershmidt, Sophie Lance, Taylor Lewis, YiChen Li, Alexander Lin, Charlotte Livingston, Connor Loughlin, Rosalind Lowen, Evan Majoros, Rohan Manne, Shaan Manocha, Raphael Mello, Leah Methratta, Amanda Miller, John Miller, Tajah Mims, Ryujin Mullins, Jeremy Ngooi, Oliver Nosal, Michaela O’Brien, Catherine Oordt, Grace O’Shaughnessy, Paige Patterson, Tobias Pedersen, Willa Potter, Manogna Reddy, Isabella Santiago, Sarah Semy, Lindsay Shamon, Julia Silvestrone, Samuel Speciale, Samuel Squires, Greyson Synowiez, Angelique Tedesco, Bianca Tedesco, Revan Tirtohadi, Shana Wolckenhaar, and Tomislav Zovko.


Junior Book Awards
Presented  by Alicia Linsey, Director of Counseling

Brown University Book Award
The Brown University Book Award is presented annually to the outstanding junior in English who combines a high degree of ability in both written and spoken English. Language is the highest expression of our humanity: it defines what we are and what we aspire to be.
Kathrine Surgay

Dartmouth Book Award
The Dartmouth Book Award, which is intended to encourage intellectual excellence and to recognize student achievement, is presented to a junior to the top 10% of his or her class who has attained an outstanding combined academic average in three college preparatory courses including Math and English, with the third subject preferably a foreign language, and has made an outstanding leadership contributions in the life of Bedford High School and/or the community.
Harsheni Sudakar

Harvard Book Award
The Harvard Club of Boston and Concord acknowledges an outstanding student member of the junior class who best exemplifies excellence in scholarship and high character combined with achievement in other fields.
Angela Gu & Andrew Zhou

High Point University
A newly-distinguished honor that we have made available for nomination. High Point University has awarded this honor to students who have been nominated by their high school counselor who not only show great academic and social prowess, but also model an intuitive, growth mindset as well as demonstrate excellence and service in and out of the classroom. We seek nominations from faculty and staff who believe this individual embodies stellar performance in the classroom, but also serves and wants to make a difference in the community. This is an individual who leads by example, understands the importance of academic endeavors and has a commitment for improving today’s community.
Vishal Borra

Saint Michal’s College
The Saint Michael”s College Book seeks to recognize a student for academic achievement with a social conscience. The student awarded has high academic achievements along with demonstrating a sincere commitment to community service and issues of peace and justice.
Inun Hong & Cassidy Schuman

Wellesley College
The Wellesley Book Award is given to the Outstanding young woman in grade 11 who embodies a model of academic achievement, informed leadership, community service, and personal character.
Alexandra Zorn

William & Mary College
The William and Mary Leadership award was established in 1998 to honor young leaders, and is presented to one outstanding current junior from each high school in the Commonwealth, as well as selected out of state schools, the award is intended to recognize young leaders in their community. Leadership in School: School spirit, active in athletics, clubs or other EA activities. Loyalty to school, able to work within and across any student constituency. Promotes appreciation for multiculturalism. Leadership in the classroom, strong academic program, discussion leader, innovative thinker, earns respect of teachers, personal qualities risk taker, decision maker, confident and bridge-builder.
Catherine Chen


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