Bedford Hiking Trails Are Now on Google Maps


If a trail is not on Google maps, does it still exist?  After a year-long effort by the Bedford Trails Committee and Bedford DPW, all Bedford Trails are now on Google Maps! 

This means you can now get walking directions through your favorite Conservation Areas in Bedford through Google.

HOW-TO: How to Plan Your Next Hike Using Google Maps
Groovy Post – Nov. 22, 2020

The Bedford Trails Committee is a great resource for maps and information on all the trails here in Bedford.  Their website has all the maps and they also lead guided trail walks.

Getting Bedford’s trails onto Google maps, if you pardon the pun, was a bit of an uphill climb. 

Clem Larsen explained the process.  “ I originally suggested this idea at a Bedford Trails Committee meeting around Fall 2019. Bedford Trails Committee discussed and agreed to proceed; in particular, Michael Barbehenn proposed that all Bedford Trails be included, not just “main” trails. Kristin Dowdy, DPW Engineer, and I worked with Chris Nelson, DPW, who generated and submitted the digital trail files to Google Maps. After a long wait, Google finally updated their Maps.” 

So get out there and enjoy the trails.  Now you can even leave a review.


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