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Sarah Scoville (c) 2021 all rights reserved

Sarah Scoville’s design enlivens the utility box at the driveway entering the Bedford Marketplace; the project was funded by the Bedford Cultural Council.


I wear many hats. The artist hat is one of my favorites. Life as an artist is fun and creative, and sometimes unpredictable! Projects pop up, but then months go by until another opportunity appears. It is particularly exciting when two creative endeavors happen at once.

Sarah Scoville (c) 2021 akk rights reserved

At the entrance to Nashobe Brook Bakery in Concord, Sarah Scoville welcomes visitors to her art exhibit

Several years ago I inquired with the Nashoba Brook Bakery in West Concord to see if I could display my framed artwork on their walls. They said, “Sure we’ll put you on the waitlist for Spring 2021.”

I mostly forgot about it until suddenly Spring 2021 was approaching. I was worried they had shifted their artist lineup because of the pandemic. But no, they were on track and delighted to have my work as they ramp up their bakery this spring.

In late April I installed 20 framed monoprints in the shop. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is made with the geli print process. Check them out through the end of June.


Sarah Scoville (c) 2021 all rights reserved

Bedford’s newest decorated utility box, at the entrance to Bedford Marketplace

The other project idea started as I drove down South Road to bring my hockey-playing children to The Edge Sports Center. Every time I came to the intersection of South Road and Railroad Ave, I smiled, admiring Bedford Art Department Chair Sean Hagan student’s artwork on the mural decorating the utility box on the corner.

I thought Bedford would like more of these joyful and creative utility boxes. Last fall I proposed a design for a mural and got approval from the Select Board. The town then assigned me a utility box.

I applied for a grant from the Bedford Cultural Council. After the grant was approved and the temperature warmed, I painted a utility box on Great Rd at the entrance to Bedford Market Place. I hope it makes you smile!

There is sure to be more art to come! With the weather getting nicer I am planning more fabric dye experimenting and I will have more leaves in the garden to print with. If you want to keep up with my artistic projects, please follow me @simplysarahart11 on Instagram, “Simply Sarah Art” on Facebook, or check out

The utility box project is supported by a grant from the Bedford Cultural Council, a local agency that is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

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