This News Can’t Wait

Remember when you had to wait for a local weekly print newspaper to be delivered to learn last week’s news? Thankfully, those days are over, and you don’t have to wait anymore.

The School Committee’s decision to bring kids back to school full time couldn’t wait. The latest news about Covid-19 here in Bedford can’t wait. And decisions made at Town Meeting shouldn’t wait either.

Today, the Bedford news you need is waiting for you when you go online, check Facebook or Twitter, or even check your inbox.

News that can’t wait until next week takes time and energy to produce….

It needs a website….

It needs a Managing Editor dedicated to getting the news to you as quickly as possible….

It needs a Community Reporter who is curious about what is happening in Bedford and anxious to share it with you….

And it needs YOU.

The Bedford Citizen is dedicated to bringing you the news you want and the news you need—sharing events, fostering connectivity, and encouraging participation in our community. All so that whether you are a resident, homeowner, parent, or business owner – or all of these, you are never more than a click away from informative, relevant, local news.

The news of today can’t wait until next week. Will you make sure you see the news that can’t wait? Your gift today, whether $3, $30, or $300, makes sure the news you need doesn’t wait.

Please make your donation count today, or send a check to The Bedford Citizen, PO Box 212, Bedford, MA 01730.

The Bedford Citizen is a 501(c)3 organization.

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