An Obituary: Robert D. Logcher

Robert D. Logcher passed away on July 20, 2021.    Mr. Logcher was professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a pioneer in developing the computer programming systems used in structural design. A member of the Class of 1958, Mr. Logcher pursued his master’s and doctoral degrees at the Institute, becoming a full professor in 1975. Though his professional accomplishments were many, the true loves of Bob’s life were his family and sailing.  Each year, the Logchers would sail to the Bahamas during the autumn, returning to Bedford for the holidays, then flying back to the Bahamas and sailing north each spring.

A celebration of Mr. Logcher’s life is planned in a month or two, with details to be announced.

Click this link to read Mr. Logcher’s full announcement along with MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering’s tribute.

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