Bedford Farms vying against Kimball Farm in the WBZ Ice Cream Social Elite Eight

Can history repeat itself? Celebrating Bedford Farms’ win in the 2018 NBC10 ice cream store contest ~ Image JMcCT (c) 2018

Some competitors relish the designation of underdog. Whether it inspires the underdog to work harder and longer or creates a false sense of security for the presumed front-runner, the label does have some notable success stories.

Like maybe Bedford Farms?

Time will tell, but owner Dave Venuti is already building up the challenge in the WBZ Ice Cream Social contest – even though Bedford Farms has already been voted as one of the top eight in eastern Massachusetts.

“Our next opponent is regional powerhouse Kimball Farm Ice Cream,” Venuti reported. “It’ll be a tough matchup, but much like the 1980 USA hockey team, the New England Patriots Super Bowl come-from-behind wins, Red Sox battling back from a 3-0 series deficit to the Yankees, we’ll need nothing short of a miracle to pull off the win this round!”

Here is the link to vote: (A fan who tried to vote twice was ejected by a tracking system that recognized the source computer.)  The deadline isn’t for several more days.

Kimball Farm is a behemoth, with stores in Carlisle, Westford, Lancaster, and even Jaffrey, NH. The headquarters in Westford is the destination for summer camp field trips, with 50 acres of group activities – driving range, bumper cars, bumper boats, batting cages, miniature golf, a zipline, and music series, featuring Brittany Spears and Drake (just kidding on those artists).

Bedford Farms, with stores in Bedford and on Thoreau Street in Concord, is the kind of place where you feel like everyone waiting with you in line for a frappe or a cone is a family member or an old friend.

“It’s always exciting and an honor to be listed with such an amazing group of ice cream shops,” Venuti said. “Our staff and loyal BF fans are really into the challenge. Many have been posting the WBZ bracket link on their own social media accounts.” Bedford Farms has also included the link on its Facebook and Instagram sites.

This isn’t the first time Bedford Farms has been a contender for the region’s top ice cream business. Venuti, who is the second generation of family ownership of the one-time 19th-century dairy, commented, “It’s crazy how these poll contests take on a life of their own.  Goes to show you how Massachusetts and New Englanders love their ice cream and are passionate about their favorite spots.”

“At the end of the day, win or lose, the great thing about the ice cream industry is we’re all friends and supporters of each other,” he continued. “Over the past year we’ve been through a lot so it’s great to see a sense of normalcy and ultimately we want to provide smiles and happiness on our customers’ faces.”

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