Celebrating Bedford Hanscom Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Volunteers

Over the bridge, from Daisy toward a career in the Girl Scouts


~ Submitted by the Bedford Hanscom Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is an organization filled with traditions.  At the end of the school year, one of the most time-honored traditions is bridging, where scouts “cross the bridge” to the next level of scouting.  This is a celebration of the scouts’ dedication to their troop, their accomplishments in learning and service, and a rededication to the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

The Bedford Hanscom Girl Scouts traditionally hold a town-wide ceremony to celebrate all troops as they move on to the next level. The pandemic prevented a ceremony in 2020.  This year, when the restrictions on large outdoor gatherings were relaxed, the ceremony was scheduled for June 6.

The following troops participated in Bridging this year

Daisy Troop 70426
Leila Bernhardt, Davi Brosgol, Emilia Dick, Ursula Gillette, Isadora Hunter, Cassidy Kent, Abigail Kirk, Emma Pollefoort

Brownie Troop 82392
Kaylee Caliri, Quinn Draper, Samantha Giunta, Mia Harton, Alexa Kent, Laura Panfili, Abigail Pawlowski, Molly Quinlan, Arden Randazzo, Gia Slusher

Junior Troop 72044
Gabriella Cresta, Ava Daly, Ilse Franklin, Annabelle Kenny, Avery Malenchini, Morgan Messinger, Mckinley Napier, Madeline Visone, Evelyn Walton, Megan Zbikowski

Senior /Ambassador Troop 85197

  • Bridging to Ambassador: Carolyn Crews, Kate Marino, L Morrow, Kate Morrow, Carina Panfili, Sydney Phylis, Ameera Saba, Lauren Teague, Quinn Turner, Kitty Warhover
  • Bridging to Adult: Anisha Aggarwal, Maya Driscoll, Katherine Fhu, Isabel Hon-Anderson, Julia Silvestrone

Each year, at the bridging ceremony the Bedford Hanscom Girl Scouts recognize scholarship recipients.  The scholarship is open to any scout in a Bedford/Hanscom troop that is bridging to adult and has been active in Girl Scouts as a high school student.  The scholarship is funded by troops donating a portion of their cookie proceeds.  This year’s scholarship recipients were Katherine Fhu and Julia Silvestrone.

Celebrating Girl Scout Volunteers

The bridging ceremony was also a time to celebrate the volunteers that make Girl Scouts happen for the 170 Girl Scouts in Bedford and on Hanscom Air Force Base.

Volunteers are troop leaders, cookie sale coordinators, trained first aiders and campers, parent volunteers.  Especially this year, with restrictions due to COVID limiting in-person and service activities, volunteers kept their troops together and going strong!! Anisha Aggarwal, a high school senior bridging to adult, read the poem Because You Said Yes by Joni Brennan

Bedford Hanscom Girl Scout Service Unit team
Amanda Bundt, Janet Hallet, Venus Ho, Sue Turner, Tiffany Yano

Bedford Hanscom Girl Scout Troop Leaders
Pamela Adams, Erin Attfield Quinlan, Alisa Bell, Ruby Boyd, Elizabeth Brosgol, Amanda Bundt, Erin Campbell, Stacy Chandler, Crystal Cusak, Patricia Fabian, Janet Hallett, Elizabeth Hanegan, Nicolette Hastings, Amber Hess, William Hess, Melissa Johnston, Lisa Kaushik, Stephanie Keep, Dawn Kociubes, Holly Munsie, Trinity Nolan, Takako Okamoto, Susan Plurad, Nicole Rivera, Sarah Sjostrom, Amy Smith, Breeana Stout, Meredith Trant, Dawn Troast, Sue Turner, Lorraine Vargas Silva, Leah Walton, Tiffany Yano

Volunteer Length of Service Recognitions
Service to Girl Scouts is the total years spent as a scout and as a volunteer.

Amy Smith – 6 Years
Leah Walton – 12 Years
Janet Hallet – 13 Years
Erin Attfield Quinlan – 20 Years

A 2021 Bridging Gallery

Images submitted by the Bedford Hanscom Girl Scouts


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  1. So great to see all these girls move up in Scouting. Congrats to ALL. But a special thanks to all the leaders who make Girl Scouting happen in our Bedford Hanscom community.

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