Dot’s Reading Room: US Postal Service, Part II ~ Still Sending U.S. Mail?

If you think mail delivery is slow now, just wait until Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s proposed restructuring takes effect.

In the June 24 edition of The Washington Post there are maps illustrating the potential slow down.  If you enter your zip code, you can then determine how long it will take for a piece of first-class mail to reach its destination. Among other proposals, DeJoy would like to reduce airmail, which began in 1918, claiming that over-the-road delivery is more reliable. (Yes, but what about those letters to the West Coast, asks a dubious reader. Surely they won’t go overland.)

The authors write:

“Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, Orlando, and countless communities in between will see mail service slow by as much as a day under the U.S. Postal Service’s strategic restructuring plan, a Washington Post analysis shows.

“The new delivery regimen, for which the agency seeks regulatory approval, disproportionately affects states west of the Rocky Mountains and the country’s mainland extremities, including large swaths of southern Texas and Florida.”

Click on this link and test out the locations where you send mail to friends and family. And don’t forget to add a couple of extra days to get that birthday card to its recipient on time.

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