First Summer Concert Draws a Party Crowd

The Party Band marched into the audience ~ Image (c) Mike Rosenberg 2021 all rights reserved


All aboard! Image (c) Mike Rosenberg 2021 all rights reserved

Almost 200 adults and children turned up for the first of the Recreation Department Summer Concerts at the Town Campus along Mudge Way on Thursday evening

The Party Band brass played exuberant tunes, the Trackless Trolley offered rides around the field, and the evening’s brief shower provided a rainbow.

Next Thursday’s concert features the Tom Bruhl Trio at 7 pm, and Vinny the Bubble Guy, on hand to entertain the kids, from 7:30 to 8:30 pm.

With Bruhl on guitar, saxophone, or flute, Robert Shaheen on keyboard, and Holly Gerken on percussion, the trio produces the sound of an orchestra.



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