Further Summer Paving and Tentative Start Dates

~ Submitted by the Bedford Department of Public Works

Paving Elm Street, August 2014

Bedford’s Department of Public Works summer road maintenance agenda—micro-paving, ‘fog seal’, full-depth reclamation, and ‘mill & overlay’—continues around town through mid-September.

Please note that the following dates and weeks are tentative and the DPW will post updates on its website as work is confirmed, when work progresses, or is complete.

Please subscribe to E-Alerts on www.bedfordma.gov for Department of Public works to receive emails and notifications for current and future work. Contact the DPW  at (781) 275-7605 if you have any questions or need additional information. We will be posting updates on the DPW News and Announcements and the Homepage as we receive them. Thank you for your patience.

Micro-paving ~ (2 layers) July 16th and later (Portion of work already completed)

  • Shawsheen Rd
  • Old Billerica, Rt 62 to Town line (except the S-curve near Autumn Drive)
  • Burlington Rd (Old Billerica to joint just past Hume Rd)
  • Pinehill Rd

Micro-surfacing/ micro-paving/ micropavement is a surface treatment designed to extend the life of asphalt pavements in good condition by providing skid resistance, restricting moisture intrusion, protecting the structure from further oxidation, and raveling, and restoring a uniform black appearance.  It fixes minor deformities in the road but isn’t used for larger structural issues. As the overall condition index of Bedford’s roads improves, more treatments like micro-surfacing will be used as a component of the paving maintenance program.

Fog Seal ~ July 19 to 23

  • Carlisle Road
  • Chelmsford Road
  • Old Billerica  (the s curve and from Noreen to town line)
  • Middlesex Turnpike, town line to approximately pump station
  • Plank St
  • Shawsheen Ave
  • South Road, Great to Loomis
  • Hartwell Rd, South to the Edge
  • Loomis St
  • DeAngelo Dr
  • Springs Rd, from VA to Middlesex driveway

Fog seal applications serve to seal narrow cracks, slightly restore lost flexibility to the pavement surface, provide a deep, rich black pavement surface color, and most importantly help preserve the underlying pavement structure. A fog seal is an application of a specially formulated asphalt emulsion (a thin liquid oil) to an existing asphalt pavement surface. A fog seal gets its name from its spray application, sometimes referred to as “fogging.”

Full-depth reclamation ~ Week of July 26

  • Hill Road
  • Franklin Road
  • Orchard Road
  • Sunset Road
  • Alaska Ave
  • Oregon Ave

The Reclamation process is one of DPW’s routine methods for reconstructing neighborhood roadways.  This will involve adjusting structures like manholes/catch basins. The pavement will be pulverized in place, graded, and resurfaced in two courses.  Cold in Place is a relatively new technique that mills approximately 6 inches of the existing asphalt, rejuvenates the material, and immediately repaves the roadway.  In addition to recycling the material in place, this process allows traffic to be back on the roadway within an hour.  However, the roadway must then have the final course of asphalt applied a week later.

Mill & Overlay ~ Sometime between the 3rd week of August and mid-September

  • Burlington Rd (Crosby Drive to Town line)
  • Oak Park Dr.

Traffic will be managed by the police on-site; please anticipate delays and plan your trips on these roads accordingly. Vehicle access in and out of properties will be maintained but may be restricted for short periods. Emergency vehicles and vehicles for Town services (trash collection, etc.) will always have access at all times. Work hours will be 7 AM to 4 PM. Please drive carefully and adhere to traffic rules and signages in construction zones. Police will be present during this work but some delays and lane closures can be expected, temporary detours will be marked and signage setup for vehicular traffic.

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