Letter to the Editor: “Thank you Bedford,” a Note of Gratitude

~ Submitted by Ed McGrath, Bedford Recycling Coordinator – Retired

It was a great run and I appreciate all the well wishes and gratitude. It was humbling and left me with a feeling of fulfillment that my efforts were appreciated. I did my best to provide Bedford with a dynamic solid waste program. There is more work to do and challenges to face. I sincerely hope everyone affords my successor the same support I was given from residents and Town departments.

I also want to thank my colleagues at the DPW for the send-off and for those folks from the Town Manager’s office and other departments who came by to wish me luck.

One of my last tasks was publishing the annual brochure. Read it, keep it handy and follow the instructions of what goes in your recycling cart. Think globally, act locally and recycle right.

Thanks again.

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