Sen. Elizabeth Warren at the Lexington Visitors Center

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke in Lexington on Wednesday afternoon ~ Courtesy image

~ Submitted by Taevy Malone

Sen. Elizabeth Warren with writer Taevy Malone at the Lexington Visitors Center ~ Courtesy image

Last week, I had a chance to go to a meet and greet with Senator Elizabeth Warren at the Lexington Visitors Center where hundreds of people gathered to hear her speech. As a younger person who can’t yet vote, I was a little hesitant to go at first, but when it was over, I felt happy that I learned more about what’s going on in Massachusetts and was inspired by her message.

Although the event was cut a little short due to the rain, I did get to hear about some important projects/ideas and the issues facing Massachusetts and the country, including child care for all, vaccines, and voting. She took questions and wanted to hear from as many people as she could about their concerns. There were also several rude anti-vaccination protestors there who yelled at her and interrupted her during her speech, but she kept on going and ignored them.

A question that came up often was how she is ensuring that everyone’s voting rights are protected. She let everyone know that it’s an important issue that she is working hard on, and she encouraged everyone to fight for this to make sure that all voices are heard.

Something that stood out in my mind was when she talked about child care for all. It makes me sad that there are families out there that don’t have the same opportunities as my family and my friends’ families have. I love that she wants to make sure that every child gets the education that they need, and the opportunities that they deserve.

One of the best things about the event was after she was done speaking, we went into the Visitors Center, and she took pictures with anyone who wanted one, which was over 100 different people. When it was finally time for my mom and me to take a photo, I met her, and I was very glad that she was very friendly and approachable. She had a short talk with me, and was willing to take different photos with us.

All in all, I was very inspired by her and her work. She seems like a great person, and very persistent. Even when people are yelling at her to stop talking, and disagreeing with her, she still keeps on working hard and fighting for everyone to have the same opportunities.

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