Wedgewood Tops Westford in Season Opener

Members of the Wedgewood swim and dive teams – Click to see a larger image


After a year of no competition, the Wedgewood Swim and Dive team took to the pool on Saturday, June 26, and competed against the Westford Swim and Tennis Club. Wedgewood prevailed with a winning score of 458.5 to 330.5.

Wedgewood divers started off strong sweeping the 10-and-under and 13- and 14-year-old One-Meter Dive event with performances by Grace Collins (1st), Justin Mark (2nd), Jason Udell, Mia Shah, Ray Shah, and Grace Venuti as 10-and-unders, and Taelor Nichols, Kate Collins, and Rylan Nichols in the 13- and 14-year-old age group. Strong performances by 11- and 12-year-old divers Willow McGinness, Taylor Haller, Lucy Scoville, and Olivia O’Brien also were important contributors. A cumulative effort by the dive team contributed 33 points to the overall result.

Wedgewood relays were strong, especially the boys 100-yard medley relay and the girls 200-yard freestyle relay with two first-place finishes. A team of Kenny Doucet, Zachery Hallet, Jack Campbell, and Charlie Siciliano manned the boys 100-yard medley relay with a time of 1:18.81. The girls 200-yard freestyle relay of Lindsay Mark, Felicity Baron, Teresa Silver, and Grace Weisz had a winning time of 2:14.62. The Wedgewood girls 100-yard medley relay team of Delaney Bertos, Brielle Carman, Emma Lacchia, Charlotte Weber placed second with a time of 1:13.45, and Grace Venuti, Sarah Wirth, Katie Dillon, and Amelia Bullard placed third with a time of 1:15.59. The boys medley relay team of Gabe Favalora, Adam Silver, Charlie O’Brien, and George Rackey placed second with a time of 1:21.06. The team of Connor Chaney, Will Brady, William Siciliano, and Ben Peplau placed second in the 200-yard freestyle relay and the team of Justin Mark, Ben Campbell, Keiran Heid, and Andrew Scoville placed third.

The 6-and-unders for Wedgwood dominated the water in the 12.5-yard events with fantastic swims by Abby Favalora (1st, 12.5-yard backstroke & freestyle), Corinne Brandt (2nd, 12.5-yard backstroke & 3rd in freestyle), Charlotte Miller (3rd, 12.5-yard backstroke, and 4th in freestyle) and strong swims by Madigan Fratello and Maeve Reid as well. For the boys, Nick Indelicato (1st, 12.5-yard backstroke & freestyle), Jackson Chaney (3rd, backstroke & freestyle), Evan Carroll (4th, backstroke), and Pete Bissias (4th, backstroke), and swimmers James Carroll and Henry Hagopian also put in strong performances.

Wedgewood swimmers dominated the 100-yard Individual Medley event with first-place finishes by Ben Campbell (1:54.46), Delaney Bertos (1:20.04), Jack Campbell (1:36.66), Grace Weisz (1:18.87), Sofie Huntington (1:16.03), and second-place finishes by Ella Dadah, Zachery Hallet, Teresa Silver, Boden Spirn, and Sarah Wirth and a third-place finish by Matsen Spirn.

The  11- and 12-year-old boys butterfly swimmers William Siciliano, Jack Campbell, and Gabe Favalora went one, two, three respectively with a winning time of 44.93. Megan Campbell, Felicity Baron, Layla Indelicato, Brielle Carman, Ben Campbell (1st place, 22.50), Sylvie Denny-Brown, Abigail Bourret, Taelor Nichols (1st place, 34.94), Katie Dillon, Emma Lacchia, Sofie Huntington, and Sally MacPhee all had solid performances and contributed points in the butterfly events.

Breaststrokers Megan Campbell (30.94), Brielle Carman (53.09), Rohan Heid (1:04.47), Amelia Bullard (46.18), Gabe Favalora (53.19), Andrew Scoville (43.28), Sarah Wirth (34.41), and Matsen Spirn (32.91) all pulled out first-place finishes. While Mila Cieplinkski, Luke Brady, Grace Venuti, Henry Gittins, Lucy Scoville, and Kieran Heid placed second. Third place was earned by Claire Wirth and Aliyah Lussier and swimmer Reilly Burke placed fourth.

First place was earned in freestyle by swimmers Lindsay Mark (22.62), Luke Brady (18.16), Mary Siciliano (42.00), Will Brady (45.47), Grace Weisz (29.56), and Ben Peplau (20.53). Justin Mark, Adam Silver, Claire Wirth, William Siciliano, Sally MacPhee, and George Rackey placed second in freestyle for Wedgewood while Delna Gazder, Tim Carroll, Jack Zbikowski, while Charlie Siciliano placed third and Luke Bullard, Halle Burke, Olivia O’Brien, and Kieran Heid placed fourth. Strong performances in the 7- and 8-year-old 25-yard freestyle event by Ella Burke, Amalia Ayres, Pavitra Sharm, Morgan Chaney, Fiona Reed, Peter Silver, and Shashvat Sharma were noted. The 9- & 10-year-old freestylers Abbey Miller, Clara Hagopian, Georgia Brandt, Emily Bourret, Evelyn Scoville, Felicity Baron, Layla Indelicato, Daniel Marcum, Kyle Ayres, Jason Udell competed in the 50-yard freestyle event.  Swimmers Willow McGinness, Jocelyn Bullard, Amelia Bullard, Willow Ackerman, Abigail Titlow, and Megan Zbikowski competed in the 11- and 12-year-old 50-yard freestyle event.

Backstrokers Mika Cieplinksi (28.38), Isaac Lussier (35.34), Delaney Bertos (36.85), and Charlotte Weber (35.53) won their age groups for Wedgewood while Lindsay Mark, Peter Silver, Mary Siciliano, Jason Udell, Teresa Silver, Boden Spirn, and Kenny Doucet placed second and Luke Bullard, Ainsley Reid, Kyle Ayres, and Ben Peplau placed third. Fiona Carman, Amalia Ayres, Morgan Chaney, Pavitra Sharma, Fiona Reid, Justin Mark, Halle Burke, Ella Dadah, Delna Gazder, Clara Hagopian, Georgia Brandt, Emily Bourret, Evelyn Scoville, Daniel Marcum, Rohan Heid, Henry Gittins, Olivia O’Brien, Isabel Gittins, Willow Ackerman, Lucy Scoville, Megan Zbikowski, Taylor Hallet, Emma Lacchia, and Grace Weisz also competed in the backstroke events for their age groups.

The next meet for Wedgewood Swim & Tennis is against Chelmsford Swim and Tennis Club on Saturday, July 10th.

~ Submitted by the Wedgewood Swim and Tennis Club

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