Chamber of Commerce Seeks Nominations for Bedford’s First Covid-19 Response Citizenship Award ~ Individuals & Businesses are Eligible

The Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce wants to recognize an individual or a small or large business “that provided services above and beyond the call of duty over the past 12 months in the community.”

The Chamber is inviting nominations for the first Bedford Covid-19 Response Citizenship Award.

“We know that there are many great stories and examples of citizenship that we want to share and recognize,” said Peter Bagley, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce.

“We want to showcase the great things that businesses have done, and how much people give back to the community. We would like to see that celebrated,” added Adam Schwartz of the Board of Directors.

Nominations can be made before Sept. 6 on the new Chamber website  or sent to the executive director  at
The Chamber hopes to announce the winner just before Bedford Day.

“Some people helped out with money. Some people helped out by getting in their cars and delivering the goods,” Bagley said. Schwartz noted that responses like this were apparent even early in the crisis. The award, he said, will be “something to unify the town.”

“The Chamber has been working with town offices, our members, the state and other organizations to support and sustain the business in the Bedford area,” Bagley said.

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