Coasting to the Coast ~ 5 Bikes Cycling Around the USA


Biking enthusiasts Apple, Maddie, and Lizzie Seibert, along with their father Mike, his brother Sean, and several others are about to undertake a 3,574-mile cross-country ride.

When fires and smoke in the Northwest made their Anacortes, WA start impossible, an inventive list of ten possible options was narrowed down to a new route.

Departing from Kansas City on August 19, they plan to arrive in Boston some 9 weeks later, after cycling east to the Mississippi River, north to Minneapolis, skirting the tip of Lake Superior before crossing northern Wisconsin, and traveling south along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. They’ll cycle through Michigan, Ohio, and New York, before returning to Massachusetts. Niagra Falls and the Erie Canal are also along the route.

Their exploits, including ice cream stops, will be chronicled on the adventure’s website,, narrated by Lizzie—a former reporter for The Bedford Citizen, and author of the YA classic, The Bro Code.

The team includes a bike herder and dad; a DJ and chocolate milk coordinator;  a geologist and meeting facilitator; a cycling connoisseur and first aid specialist; a nature explorer and dog mom; a camp counselor and chase vehicle captain; two FABs (food and beverage specialists); and a cat nanny to keep the venerable Sparkle company here in Bedford.

The Citizen plans to check in with the team from time to time as they make their way back to Bedford.

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