Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to the Board of Health, School Committee, Town Manager, and Select Board

~ Submitted by Daisy Girifalco, Owner/President, Bedford Children’s Center

Thank you for your hard work during this challenging time. It has not gone unnoticed.

The Delta Variant is worrisome, cases are escalating, and masks (and vaccinations) work.

The Bedford Children’s Center supports nearly 200 working parents of all children who are NOT eligible for the vaccine. Many of their siblings attend Davis and Lane School. We are incredibly nervous that this variant is going to close our school once again, which would surely be the demise of our livelihood and the livelihood of all of my wonderful teaching and support staff that do amazing work in our four walls.

Do what’s best for those that are defenseless, don’t have a voice, cannot be protected by the vaccine, and cannot speak for themselves. This is your time to be proactive and do the right thing.

Delta is dangerous. Masking and vaccination are effective tools. Testing alone will not work

Bedford has been at this a long time and we are all exhausted but we also know that masks work, especially in conjunction with vaccinations. Now is not the time to upend all of the hard work so many have put forth and create a potential minefield for our community. Let’s join together with other science-driven communities like Arlington, Belmont, Lexington, and Salem and be proactive, not reactive. I’m not suggesting masking forever, but only for now until science guides us on a different path.

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  1. You are insane my wife and child were infected by a woman who was completely vaccinated!! It does not work and neither do these stupid masks!! This whole idea of staying safe is crazy this is a dangerous world and we can get run over by a bus crossing the street. Keep the masks off do as much as we can to be sanitary washing hands covering our sneezes and staying home when we are feeling bad. These viruses get weaker with every mutation and soon it will be like a clod stop the hysteria!!!!

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