Letter to the Editor: re “A Salute to Ginny Packer, Founding Board Member of The Bedford Citizen”


 ~ Submitted by Bedford Citizen co-founder Kim Siebert MacPhail 

After Meredith McCulloch called to tell me the news of Ginny Packer’s death, it started to dawn on me that I might never have met Ginny without The Bedford Citizen.

In such a small town, Ginny and I might have met in the aisles of Purity Supreme or Stop and Shop. We could have been seated next to each other at a League of Women Voters meeting. It’s highly likely we would have attended the same library book discussion or been on a committee or study group together at First Parish (which is how I met her husband, Dave.)

But it wasn’t until fellow co-founder Julie Turner put forward Ginny’s name to be one of our original board’s “wise heads” that our paths truly overlapped.  Julie knew that Ginny had what we needed: a good head, a strong back, the eyes to see clearly ahead, and the heart to help us through the many start-up challenges and growing pains.

I’m eternally grateful to Ginny, as I am to all who have served Bedford as supporters of The Citizen. It is thanks to them that the bold experiment we attempted has succeeded.

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