Real Estate Transfers ~ July 16, 2021

Please join us in bidding adieu to the sellers and welcoming Bedford’s newest residents.

80 Carlisle Road, a 6 room Cape Cod on 1.02 acres, built in 1959:
Sold by Bonnie Porter-Couto on 6/28/2021 to Jeffrey Porter for $145,000.

28 Chelmsford Road, a 6 room Cottage on 0.30 acres, built in 1935:
Sold by Xin Su and Lei Xu on 6/30/2021 to Aabid Mir for $635,000.

17 Washington Street, a 7 room Split Entry on 0.35 acres, built in 1964:
Sold by Chadbourne Gillette and Julie Barker-Gillette on 6/30/2021 to Ashley Bui and Brandon Nguyen for $628,500.

4 Houlton Street, an 8 room Garrison on 0.29 acres, built in 1931:
Sold by Margaret and David Staknis on 6/30/2021 to Gregory and Daniel Hinz for $975,000.

229 Old Billerica Road, a 10 room Antique on 0.92 acres, built in 1671:
Sold by Patricia R Leiby T and Paul Leiby on 7/2/2021 to Bilca LLC for $550,000.

55 Kendall Court #55, a 6 room Condominium/Townhouse, built in 2013:
Sold by Shashi Prabhakar and Lakshmi Kona on 7/2/2021 to Joshua and Johanna Newman for $898,000.

5 Beverly Road, a 7 room Garrison on 0.92 acres, built in 1964:
Sold by Se Park and Guen Lee on 7/8/2021 to Samit Bhattacharya and Shibani Dalal for $893,000.

107 Springs Road, a 7 room Old Style on 0.45 acres, built in 1811:
Sold by Ryan and Ashley Mcgarry on 7/8/2021 to Nicholas and Shira Page for $740,000.

108 Hartwell Road, a 6 room Split Entry on 0.36 acres, built in 1970:
Sold by Rodney and Gayle Sundet on 7/8/2021 to Arthur Church and Jane True for $645,000.

40 Putnam Road, a 5 room Split Level on 0.49 acres, built in 1960:
Sold by Marc and Marina Canner on 7/9/2021 to Seungbin Oh for $780,000.

1 Putnam Road, an 8 room Cape Cod on 0.46 acres, built in 1955:
Sold by West View RT and James Barr on 7/9/2021 to Peter Donohoe for $1,758,000.

16 Fayette Road, an 8 room Raised Ranch on 0.34 acres, built in 1968:
Sold by Kristina Fisher on 7/12/2021 to Igor Luiz for $900,000.

296 North Road, a 7 room Ranch on 1.30 acres, built in 1957:
Sold by Paul and Katheryn Viens on 7/14/2021 to David Ardito and Cleriton Dasilva for $680,000.

3 Donovan Drive, a 12 room Colonial on 0.93 acres, built in 1996:
Sold by Gail F Valbona 2011 RET and Gail Valbona on 7/14/2021 to Justin Carmichael and Zijing Yin for $1,550,000.

6 Hayden Lane, a 6 room Conventional on 0.83 acres, built in 1953:
Sold by Laurent Chesnel and Annie Neild on 7/14/2021 to Lawrence Uricchio and Zina Deldar for $895,000.

35 Gould Road, a 9 room Garrison on 0.92 acres, built in 1967:
Sold by Manu and Manisha Sharma on 7/15/2021 to Matthew and Katie Black for $1,085,000.

37 Buehler Road, a 10 room Colonial on 0.84 acres, built in 1996:
Sold by Derek and Petra Peplau on 7/16/2021 to Dennis and Christina Griecci for $1,415,000.

103 Page Road, a 6 room Ranch on 0.71 acres, built in 1955:
Sold by Serra Family 2019 IRT and Dianne Mcgaunn on 7/16/2021 to Joseph and Rachel Lee for $750,000.

267 Concord Road, a 7 room Ranch on 0.69 acres, built in 1956:
Sold by Margaret Doyle on 7/16/2021 to Noa Katzelnik and Renerson Preisigke-Klemz for $760,000.

50-52 Summer Street, an 8 room Two-family Duplex on 0.28 acres, built in 1959:
Sold by Kurker RT and Robert Kurker on 7/16/2021 to 50 Summer Street Bedford LLC for $675,000.

46 Mickelson Lane #4, a 5 room Condominium, built in 1958:
Sold by Sandra and Vittorio Raho on 7/16/2021 to Guilhem Ribeill and Elizabeth Buschert for $540,100.

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