30 Days, 30 Ways to be Prepared ~ Week One ~ September 1 to September 7

~ Submitted by MEMA, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

Governor Charlie Baker has proclaimed September 2021 as Emergency Preparedness Month to encourage residents, families, and organizations to prepare for emergencies and disasters. These efforts are part of a month-long National Preparedness Month campaign. 

To help make it easier for residents to prepare, as part of Emergency Preparedness Month, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is promoting “30 Days 30 Ways: 30 Days of Preparedness”. The initiative breaks down emergency preparedness into simple steps residents can take in 30 days to be more prepared by the end of the month. 

Wednesday, September 1 – Spend 10 minutes today and make an evacuation plan. Plan where you would go, how you’d get there, what you’d take with you and more: https://bit.ly/3jVVUbo

Thursday, September 2 – What would you need & do if your power, cell service & internet was out for a day or a week? Think about the things you would need to stay safe and update your plans & supplies to be better prepared. https://www.mass.gov/mema/power-outages

Friday, September 3 – Put a copy of insurance policies, household inventory & other important documents outside your home, in cloud storage or on a flash drive. Download the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit for guidance: https://go.usa.gov/xypkQ

Saturday, September 4 – Look up & learn about your flood zone at http://msc.fema.gov While you may be required to have flood insurance if you live in a flood zone, you can buy flood insurance even if you don’t live in a flood zone. Learn more: http://floodsmart.gov

Sunday, September 5 – Your family may not be together when disaster strikes. Make an emergency plan that includes two meeting locations – one close to home and one farther away. Learn more: https://bit.ly/MEMAEmergencyPlan

Monday, September 6 – This week when you get groceries, buy water to include with your supplies. ✅1 gallon of water per person/per day for at least 3 days. ✅Kids, nursing mothers, pet owners & those with medical conditions may need more http://bit.ly/MEMAEmergencyKit

Tuesday, September 7 – Contact your local public safety officials to learn about local notification & alert systems and how to enroll to receive community alerts. https://www.mass.gov/info-details/be-informed-and-receive-emergency-alerts

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