September 18, 2021 ~ There was a PARADE!

Bedford Hanscom Girl Scouts ~ Image (c) Colin Valentine, 2021 all rights reserved


Thirty minutes before Saturday’s Bedford Day parade, there was no crowd to speak of. Bedford TV’s cameraman Matthew Dill had the corner of The Great Road and Mudge Way pretty much to himself.

By the time the first parade units headed west along The Great Road at 10:30 am plenty of people arrived, along with a full complement of marchers, floats, and music.

The crowd filled in before the parade began

The Bedford Unicorn made an appearance!

First Responders and the DPW led the way,

Followed by dignitaries,

Then the BHS band, marching units, and floats

On the Reviewing Stand, then after the parade

There was dancing along The Great Road

Then the crowd followed the parade to the Fair

Check back tomorrow for photographs of the crowd and booths at the Fair!

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