International Walk, Bike, & Roll to School Day Wednesday October 6, 2021!

~ Submitted by Healthy Bedford

You’re Invited to Walk, Bike, & Roll! Join Us in Celebrating Safe Routes to School’s iWalk 2021 Image (c) Mark Bailey,2021 all rights reserved

Let’s celebrate students’ active commutes of walking, biking, and rolling to school and other destinations here in the Commonwealth and all across the globe. Bedford has been celebrating Walk, Bike, and Roll to School days since 2008!  This is an opportunity to highlight the many benefits of using active transportation modes for students and families.

Need ideas on how to Walk and Bike to School?  Visit:

If you need to borrow a bicycle or bike-related gear to get started, Bedford has a Free Bicycle Lending program.  Email: for more information.

Residents wanting to explore how they might start a bike or walking train in their neighborhood, or to consider adding active transit to their routine are encouraged to learn about resources and see examples of  successful programs around the country:

For more information about the Massachusetts Safe Routes to School program, visit:

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