Online Grocery Shopping – What is Bedford Thinking?

The pandemic has upended a lot of routines. One notable one is how we shop, specifically, how we shop for groceries. 

The trend of online grocery shopping started before the pandemic.   Stop & Shop had their Peapod service and when Whole Foods was bought by Amazon,  it was pretty clear where we were headed. 

Then the Covid-19 pandemic arrived and made heading off to the local grocery store a risky venture.  

Fortunately, there was already the infrastructure in place and the online grocery shopping trend took off.  Many people got used to ordering their groceries online and having them delivered or to be picked up curbside.   

With the vaccines in place and things slowly moving into what at least seems closer to normal, are you heading back into the grocery store?     Nationally,  a survey says one-third of online grocery shoppers say they will continue to shop for their groceries online. 

Do you mostly buy your groceries online or do you go into the grocery stores for most things?

So What’s Bedford Thinking?  

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