Pandemic Lifestyle – Did You Become Healthier?

I saw a recent article that said about 20% of kids are eating more fast food since the pandemic started.  It got me thinking about our own pandemic lifestyle changes and what the net effect might be. 

We have friends who took the lockdown as an opportunity to lose weight and exercise more.  Others adopted the pizza and beer diet to cope with the stress.  There are those who joked that the “19”  in Covid-19 was a reference to how much weight they gained during the pandemic.  

Alcohol consumption changed too. A recent survey found that sales of spirits and hard liquor have increased 33% during the pandemic, with wine sales growing by 12%. Beer sales, meanwhile, have declined about 2%, according to Ibotta Analysis.  More bourbon,  less beer, is that healthier?  

Being healthier is undoubtedly an objective statement.  But for this poll, we are just asking for one’s own self-assessment.  Would you consider yourself to be healthier or unhealthier since the start of the pandemic? 

So What’s Bedford Thinking?  

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