South Road Assisted Living Proposal Moves Forward:  Planning Board Approves Special Permit with Revisions

The Planning Board Tuesday approved a special permit for LCB Senior Living’s revised proposal for an assisted living center on South Road near the corner of Evergreen Avenue.

The vote passed unanimously, marking one of the last steps needed before work begins on the center.

Revisions to the plan included a number of sustainability changes. As Pamela Brown, the attorney and presenter for LCB noted, the revised plans include green transportation infrastructure, like two electric vehicle charging stations and racks capable of holding 20 bicycles.

Additionally, the building will be made solar-ready and gas will not be used in heating or cooling, only cooking, she said.

Katya Podsiadlo, project landscaper, pointed out revisions made to the lot layout. A key change involved adding a curb cut in the entrance, widening it slightly to accommodate emergency services.

Additionally, the revisions included removing a parking space from the plan, opting to place an extra tree to create more of a buffer between the facility and adjacent properties.

In the public hearing portion, abutter Mary Drake gave her support for the plan. “It’ll improve the neighborhood and allow Bedford residents to stay in Bedford,” she said.

Ray Gilmartin, a board member at Prescott Farms, a residential development across South Road, also spoke to the time and care that the LCB team put into ensuring the center fits into the community.

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