The Bedford Citizen will be at Bedford Day

At The Bedford Citizen, we strive to be where the action is, whether it be a school committee meeting or a football game – we’re there!

On September 18  the action will undoubtedly be in Booth 111 at Bedford Day.  Come by and say hi!  

Have you ever aspired to be a local journalist? Talk to us.  

Have you ever read a story in The Bedford Citizen and thought; “You know what would be a great idea, if they…”  

Well now is your chance to tell us what you think. Come, share your ideas, lodge a complaint, give us a compliment.  (if you’re torn between a complaint and compliment we prefer compliments….just saying)

Bringing back the Goldfish!

Every booth needs a gimmick, and we’re not beneath luring people to our booth with a gimmick.  Come win a pack of Goldfish just by answering some tough Bedford trivia.  (hints below)

Bedford was founded in?…… 1729  

The Job Lane school was named after?……..Job Lane



It will be great to be in public again, stop by and say hi.

Keep our journalism strong! Support The Citizen Journalism Fund today. Contact The Bedford Citizen: or 781-325-8606

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