Bedford’s New Recycling Administrator ~ Elizabeth (Liz) Antanavica

~ Submitted by Christine Rabinowitz

Bedford’s new Recycling Coordinator Liz Antanavica ~ Courtesy image (c) all rights reserved

Bedford has a new Recycling Administrator, Elizabeth (Liz) Antanavica. She started last week and is on a mission to get to know Bedford and its citizenry.  Her predecessor, Ed McGrath, left in June so she is taking care of “acute needs”, like services at the town’s compost site.

Antanavica was raised in Lowell and went to UMass Lowell graduating with a business administration degree. After some time in Reading, her family relocated to Tyngsboro three years ago. Her two daughters help her garden, harvest eggs from their chickens, tap maple trees in March, and tend to beehives.

Her guiding goals focus on reuse—to keep things and use them as long as possible. Another goal is to eliminate the source of waste, such as the over-packaging of food products.

Tyngsboro’s Sustainability Committee was established by Antanavica and she continues to serve as its chair. The committee’s first effort was a proposal to create a community compost site; although the article didn’t pass at town meeting, her vision has not dimmed. She remains “passionate about waste reduction”.

Practical experience in sustainability coupled with business acumen will provide the best ways for Antanavica to leverage tax dollars.

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