Bedford’s School Lunch Program ~ Participation Slowly Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Here’s another hopeful sign that the daily routine in the Bedford schools is slowly returning to pre-pandemic times.

According to Director of Finance Julie Kirrane, “Participation is up and children are returning to the school lunch programs.” Indeed, 17,466 meals were distributed in the four schools during September, she reported.

“This is wonderful news for the program and our hard-working cafeteria staff,” Kirrane said, adding that the cafeterias are fully staffed.

The food service program is also successfully addressing supply issues that have received a lot of recent publicity regionally and nationally.

“So far it has been an adjustment to the ordering process, rather than an issue,” Kirrane said. “Our largest vendor continues to experience delays and stock availability issues. We are able to access items from other vendors so far.”

Ken Whittier, director of food service, explained that “these issues are affecting all food manufacturers and providers across the United States. Delivery vendors are working diligently to hire and train staff and manufacturers are paring down product lists to focus on more popular items.”

The vendor, which Kirrane said she did not want to name, “is very good about communicating about the issues they are experiencing. We hope it doesn’t get worse going forward.”

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