Celebrating a Forest Eucharist with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church


Participants in the recent St. Paul’s Episcopal Church outdoor worship service – Image (c) Sue Swanson, 2021 all rights reserved

~ Submitted by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Elm Brook conservation area ~ Image (c) Susan Leslie 2021 all rights reserved

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Bedford celebrated an outdoor worship service on Sunday afternoon, October 17th, in conjunction with the global Faiths 4 Climate Justice initiative from Green Faith.

Unlike many of the other 500 registered events, this service had no banners and drew little attention, but the sense of solidarity with each other and with those other events was palpable.

The Rev. Rachel Wildman, Assistant Rector of St. Paul’s, developed a creation-centered “Forest Eucharist,” drawing from several sources and focusing on a celebration of the natural world and the responsibility that we all have to care for it.  Special mention was made of the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change and the enormous task facing the delegates.

The event was truly ecumenical, with four faith traditions, six congregations, and six different towns represented.  The beautiful autumn weather and the majestic trees of the Elm Brook Conservation Area amplified the message of care and concern that all people of faith must have as we address climate change with bold yet equitable action.

Earth is our common home, the only one we have.  People of faith are uniting in their concern for its future and the future of all life.  The service affirmed this common commitment and showed us we are not alone in this effort.

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