Life in Quarantine – What’s Bedford Thinking?

There was a recent story on how difficult this past year has been on parents. 

Our Covid Cocoon: The Parents Aren’t Alright (But Help May Be Coming), Kaiser Health News – Oct 7, 2021.  The uncertainty, the learning from home, the mandates, the new procedures, all took a tremendous toll on both kids and parents. 

One thing that was particularly troubling was all the quarantines.  Whether a family member tested positive for Covid, or just being in close proximity to a person with a positive case has led to multiple quarantines.  

The disruption of multiple quarantines took its toll.  While other parts of the country may have had it worse, we all shared our own disruptions. 

What’s Bedford Thinking? How many times did you find your family in lockdown since the pandemic started? 

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