Massport’s RFP for Development at Hanscom’s ‘North Airfield’ ~ What’s Bedford Thinking?

From The Bedford Citizen – September 20, 2021

….“Massport late last month issued a request for proposals (RFP)  for the development of what would amount to a fixed-base operator (FBO) on part or all of 29 acres accessible from Hartwell Road. Much of the site was used for many years for mobile homes housing Air Force personnel.

The deadline for submitting proposals is Nov.18. The request doesn’t specify an FBO, but delineates permitted uses consistent with such a facility: “the selling of fuel to aeronautic public, storage, servicing, maintenance of aviation aircraft, general office use for aviation-related communications, operations, support, training, and administrative functions, and tenant employee areas.” Someone once likened an FBO to a “truck stop” for private jets and charters…”

What are you thinking about Massport’s development of the ‘North Airfield’ land accessible from Hartwell Road? I am very concerned? I am somewhat concerned? I am not very concerned? I am not at all concerned? I don’t know anything about it!

What’s Bedford Thinking?  

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10/7 correction: The poll closes on Saturday, October 9, not October 10 as originally posted.

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  1. I would like to see the Request for Proposals (RFP), and then the proposals, to inform my opinion.

  2. An environmental impact study seems necessary, at a minimum. How would this affect residents’ quality of life, from pollution (noise and chemical) to the enjoyment of wildlife?

  3. Vehemently against this airport expansion project! We are deeply concerned about the severe quality of life impact to our community from both leaded aviation fuel and excessive noise that is incompatible with residential living. This expansion represents a clear and present danger to the health of residents with proximity to the North property. Of particular concern is the proximity of youth athletic fields at the Edge where hundreds of young children play every day.
    The airport as it is currently configured meets the demand. Therefore, any expansion is not necessary. It is merely a money grab by Massport at the expense of the health and quality of life of its neighboring families with children. There are many other non aviation revenue opportunities for that land.
    We are vehemently against this unnecessary aviation expansion of the airport. We ask that Bedford town officials work with Massport to explore other non aviation revenue opportunities for the North property.

  4. I am very concerned about the reactive way Bedford officials continue to deal with Massport over Hanscom Airfield. We cannot stop Massport from developing, but Bedford can protect itself. I know the options are limited, but why aren’t we pursuing them? Why does it feel that our representatives and town manager are allied with Massport over the residents? This is kind of a big deal. Why isn’t the town calling a meeting and asking Massport to deliver a presentation and take questions?

  5. I am strongly against any further development of Hanscom. Instead, the focus should be on how to reduce the noise and air pollution made by the existing Hanscom facility and the airplanes.

  6. Totally against the development. That neighbor towns, particularly Bedford, will no doubt be hugely negatively impacted were the development to go ahead. The bad traffic and the already annoying plane engine noise will be augmented beyond endurance, not to mention the likely environmental impact.

  7. The development will have huge impacts on environment and lead to lots of negative effects such as noise, pollution, traffic and safety. Strongly against any development

  8. The flying disturbance is happening more often and as late as 11pm, it’s already beyond tolerance. I am strongly against any further development in Hanscom!

  9. Hanscom’s pollution footprint (noise and leaded fuel emissions) extends beyond the four neighboring towns. For example, flight training and jet paths over Ayer and Groton disrupt the quiet use and enjoyment of our homes. With NO environmental impact study, Hanscom flight schools designate and promote Ayer and Groton as “standard training area A.”

  10. Vehemently opposed to greater airport development. Primary concerns being significant decrease in air quality, increased noise pollution, greater traffic, and other environmental effects I don’t even know about yet.

  11. The North Field project rests on a protected aquifer that feeds into the Shawsheen.,5230999.042869,-7932909.26592,5235002.432225. The aquifer feeds into Bedford’s drinking water supply and, eventually, into that of Burlington. Massport’s RFP calls for a Fixed Base Operator, which includes refueling and maintenance. We would never allow a gas station or heating oil facility to built over our water supply. We ought not to allow this.

    • I am strongly against any development in Hanscom! We’ve had enough noise, pollution and other disturbances from it! If anything, closing the airport is the only project that we can tolerate.

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