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We at The Bedford Citizen thank those who have generously supported community journalism in our town during the third quarter of 2021.

Our donors and readers are at the core of everything we do, and your generous support helps us fulfill The Citizen’s mission of community-supported news for Bedford.

If you would like to support The Bedford Citizen and have not yet had the opportunity, please consider taking part in our upcoming Fall News Match Appeal when it begins on November 1, all donations will be automatically matched. Click this link to visit our online donation page.

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Third Quarter Gifts—July 1 to September 30, 2021

Gifts in Memory of Ginny and Dave Packer
Dot Bergin, Mary Beth & Robert Klein, Teri and Steve Morrow, Lois and Brown Pulliam, Ginni and David Spencer, Julie McCay Turner.

Scott Anderson, Kathleen Aubrey, Margaret Berman, Alan and Ruth Bragg, Alice Churella, Angelo and Gabriele Colao, Ron and Cathy Cordes, MaryLou Esposito, Thomas P. Flannery, Laurel Freeberg, Richard Golembeski, Richard Grace, Irene and Sam Gravina, Ron Green, Sandra Hackman and Kenneth Prescott, Steve Hagan, Shawn and Liz Hanegan, Carol and Steve Jamison, Kathryn Jarvis, Jeremy Jeffers, Allison John, Wilma Johnson, Gene Kalb and Linda Pollitz, Bonnie and James Kelly, Daniel D. Kennedy, Robin Leake, Caryn Libbey, Min & Richard Ma, Ed McGrath, Nancy McKinney, Joan Melville, Jean Spence Nagle, Rebecca Neale, Barbara O’Neil, Ginny~ and Dave~ Packer, Fay Russo, Pauline Salter, John Shutkin, Kim Siebert, Doris Smith and Bob Batt, Kaye Spofford, Janice Svendsen, Heather Thacore, Julie McCay Turner, Gail Waldron, Alison Weaver, John Willson, as well as multiple Anonymous donors.
~ Deceased

Sustaining Donors
Barbara Allan, Christine J. Anderson, Dot Bergin, Sandra Blake, Dan and Renu Bostwick, Patti Campbell, David and Anne Caron, Catherine Chambers, Leon Cierpial, Elizabeth Cowles, Ginny Crocker, Matthew Derman, Birgit DeWeerd, Robert and Sarah Dorer, Bobbie and Lou Ennis, George Epple, Mitch and Steven Evans, Kelly Giaquinto, Joanne Glover, Karen Guetersloh, The Hacala Family, Audra Hamilton, John and Susan Harris, Matt Heid, Claire Higson, Christine Johnston, Barbara Kupfrian, Dr. Donald James Marshall, The Mascoli Family, Meredith McCulloch, Katie McGrath, Teri and Steve Morrow, Renae Nichols, Sarita and Sanjeev Pillai, Ken Pruyn, Anita, Tim, & Kyra Bemis, Lalitha Ranganath, Katherine Register, Carol & Marty Rogers, James Rogers, Mike and Dawn Rosenberg, Marie Ryder, Craig Sandler, Jan Shepard and Judy Eggleston, Dan Smythe, Moriah Tumbleson-Shaw, Karen Willson, Paul and Leslie Wittman, Elena Zorn, as well as multiple Anonymous donors.

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