The Labor Shortage ~ What One Bedford Company is Doing to Remedy It

There is a lot of news these days about the labor shortage.  A story yesterday reported that a record number of Americans are quitting their jobs-nearly 3 million in August., CNN Business Oct 12, 2021.  The strain on businesses is obvious: shorter hours, slower service, longer waits.  

We often joke in our editorial meeting that there is a Bedford connection to everything.  Well, with the labor shortage this is actually truer than ever.  Bedford’s own Berkshire Grey is using their automation to help companies during these tough times. They recently sent me this.

Announced today, local Bedford company Berkshire Grey Inc. and Atos are partnering to accelerate the implementation of intelligent enterprise robotic solutions to retail, transportation, and logistics (RTL) customers looking to transform their supply chain for today’s on-demand world.

With the growing labor shortage crisis now compounded by the eCommerce boom, retailers and third-party logistic providers around the globe are under more pressure than ever to find long-term solutions to overcome supply chain challenges. More and more businesses realize that implementing robotics and automation across the supply chain is critical to their businesses’ future. Berkshire Grey’s automated picking, mobility and orchestration solutions augment existing warehouse staff to increase throughput and productivity throughout the supply chain and maximize fulfillment flexibility and responsiveness. Atos will implement and integrate Berkshire Grey’s AI-enabled robotic solutions into clients’ complete supply chain ecosystems to ensure information flows across systems of record as smoothly as materials transition through the warehouse.

More details are available in Berkshire Grey’s press release HERE

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