The News in the Town Goes Round and Round

~ Submitted by Elizabeth Hacala

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Fall means different things to different people.  Maybe for you it is the autumnal equinox, the formal start of the season.  Maybe it is Bedford Day or pumpkins, or cooler nights, or the start of school and sudden appearance of buses on the roads and students walking through town.

If you are like me, the return to school and the appearance of school buses marks not just fall, but the beginning of a new year, a new town year; the maps for Bedford Day, the ramping up of town committee and board meetings, and the prep for Special Town Meeting, just to name a few.  Our houses of worship, some of which slow down for the summer, come back together as a community. It has always been my favorite time of the year.  And this year, with the complications of Covid, when and how those gatherings happen is more complex and challenging.

As the children’s song goes, “The wheels on the bus go round and round… all through the town.”  Do you know what else travels round and round all through the town?  News does.  And the fuel that keeps the news moving is donations from readers like you.  The Bedford Citizen is a non-profit news organization supported by grants, sponsors, Bedford Guide advertisers, and you!  The majority of funding comes from readers like you who give once or twice a year as well as those who give monthly through our Journalism Fund.  No matter what comes our way, this fall or beyond, you can count on us to keep you connected and informed.  Keep the news traveling in our town with your gift today.

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