Bedford Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Covid-19 Citizenship Award Recognizes John Gibbons

Pictured after the ceremony were (l-r) Bopha Malone, Marie Porto, Sarah Dorer, Maureen Richichi, John Gibbons, Sue Baldauf, Ann Kiessling, Steve Hagan, William Moonan, and David Tasto after the ceremony. Image (c) Bedford Chamber of Commerce, 2021 all rights reserved

~ Submitted  by the Bedford Chamber of Commerce

After the ceremony, the First Parish/ Bedford Research Foundation’s Testing Tuesday Team gathered on the steps of First Parish (l-r)  Maureen Richichi, Sue Baldauf, Sarah Dorer, Steve Hagan, Rich Daugherty (tent maintenance), Ann Kiessling, and Gibbons ~ Image (c) Nancy Daugherty, 2021, all rights reserved

The Bedford Chamber of Commerce recognized John Gibbons on Wednesday, November 23, with its 2021 Covid-19 Citizenship Award.

The award was initiated by the Bedford Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors in August 2021. Public nominations were requested by the Chamber of Commerce over a 2-month period across the Bedford Community. It recognizes a Bedford citizen that demonstrated unselfish contributions and efforts to the Bedford community during the pandemic and an unwavering commitment to our citizens.

John Gibbons and his team conducted more than 2000 Covid-19 tests and free tests for all Bedford town employees, including teachers, police, fire, and other first-responders.  As a privately funded pilot, subsidized by the Bedford Research Foundation and generous donors, this effort proved the viability of mass testing.

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