Det. Sgt. Richard Vitale Promoted to Lieutenant; Police Department Approaching Full Strength

Lt. Richard Vitale, Bedford Police Department ~ Courtesy image (c) 2021 all rights reserved

The new lieutenant in the Bedford Police Department is a veteran of more than 30 years in law enforcement.

Richard Vitale, most recently detective sergeant, began his new responsibilities on Oct. 23. The appointment was announced by Chief Robert Bongiorno and Town Manager Sarah Stanton.

Vitale’s promotion was one of several personnel moves unfolding at the local department.

The new lieutenant spent nine years as a member of the police force of Harvard University before joining the Bedford Police 21 years ago.

His first assignment is as the department’s patrol commander, succeeding Lt. James Graham, who retired several weeks ago.

Bongiorno said that over the years, Vitale served as a field training officer, an armorer, a defensive tactics instructor, a firearms instructor, a detective, a court prosecutor, and a patrol sergeant, as well as president of the patrolmen’s union.

“Lt. Vitale has spent over two decades setting examples of outstanding leadership, communication, and technical skills for the Bedford Police Department,” Chief Bongiorno said.

The department is moving closer to full strength with a series of additional promotions and appointments.

Rob Abajian and Stephen Waite were both promoted to sergeant and assigned to the patrol division.

Justin Brooks former Bedford police dispatcher and former Lexington police officer was appointed a Bedford police officer on Oct. 28.

Mary Ellen Brickey and Matthew Piccirillo graduated from the Lowell police academy on Oct.  29. After completion of an extensive field training program, the chief said, they will be assigned to the patrol division. “They both will ride along with a certified field training officer for approximately 60 shifts, which we anticipate will be completed by the end of January.”

Brooks is participating in a modified field training program because of his prior certification in Lexington, Bongiorno noted.

Bongiorno added that although there are still four vacancies, “we have two candidates to whom we have extended conditional offers of employment. Two other candidates are still in the background investigative phase, which will include interviews, medical exams, physiological exams, and physical aptitude tests.” All four names are from the Civil Service list.

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