Letter to the Editor: Another Look at Masking

~ Submitted by Elaine Shwimer, Ph.D. [Opinion Editor’s Note: Schwimer’s degree is in French Language and Literature]

I rarely write letters to the editor but I was so appalled by the letter written by Dr. Kiessling, which you recently published that I feel compelled to say something.

First of all, her assertion that the pandemic is over in Bedford is so ridiculous as to defy belief. That a scientist with her qualifications can say such a thing is a disgrace.  Even if it were true, unfortunately, Bedford is not isolated from the state, country, or world in which we live and in which the pandemic still rages.

Obviously, Dr. Kiessling has an agenda.  She wants to end the wearing of masks (at least by children).  She considers wearing masks to be tantamount to child abuse (another assertion which defies belief).  She and Dr. Walensky of the CDC should get together, given that Dr. Walensky recently asserted that wearing masks was the single most important preventative available, another assertion which does not hold water scientifically.

It would seem to me that the promotion of vaccination for children ages 5-11, which is now currently available, would be a far more legitimate agenda than the elimination of masks.  Let them all be vaccinated and sing safely and joyously.

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