Real Estate Transfers ~ November 5, 2021

Please join us in bidding adieu to the sellers and welcoming Bedford’s newest residents.

34 Curve Street, a 6 room Cape Cod on 0.24 acres, built in 1952:
Sold by Eunson Donald Sr Est and Donald Eunson on 10/18/2021 to Anderson and Nathalia Bergamini for $665,000.

45 Shawsheen Road #9, a 7 room Condominium/Townhouse, built in 1988:
Sold by Eric and Ruth Leibowitz on 10/20/2021 to John and Joan Callahan for $739,000.

22 Sweeney Ridge Road, a 10 room Colonial on 0.92 acres, built in 2000:
Sold by Peter J Frasso 2007 FT and Peter Frasso on 10/20/2021 to Dennis Keefe and Elizabeth Stringer-Keefe for $1,926,000.

384 Concord Road, a 7 room Cape Cod on 1.30 acres, built in 1952:
Sold by Esther V Mancini FT and Guy Mancini on 10/25/2021 to Mark Cieplinski for $805,000.

10 Pine Hill Road, an 8 room Cape Cod on 0.21 acres, built in 1950:
Sold by Christine Hartmann on 10/27/2021 to Jonathan and Dinara Villanueva for $750,000.

14 Cheevers Path #14, a 5 room Condominium/Free-Standing, built in 2017:
Sold by Liangsu Wang on 10/27/2021 to Bohao Zhou and Mary Vallo for $883,000.

14 Overlook Drive, a 6 room Contemporary on 0.92 acres, built in 1966:
Sold by Reinisch RT and Bodo Reinisch on 10/28/2021 to Jeanne Finks and Mark Sakurada for $1,110,000.

7 Woodmoor Drive, a 5 room Cape Cod on 0.69 acres, built in 1963:
Sold by Mccaffrey FT and Susan Mccaffrey on 10/28/2021 to Ajax Dev LLC for $670,000.

70 Great Road #F, a 3 room Condominium/Apartment, built in 2013:
Sold by Cs Holdings LLC on 10/28/2021 to Koushik Barman for $350,000.

329 Springs Road, a 6 room Split Level on 0.92 acres, built in 1961:
Sold by Springs Road RT and Dana Oshiro on 11/2/2021 to Onivoi LLC for $680,000.

151 North Road, a 6 room Cape Cod on 0.46 acres, built in 1951:
Sold by Manu Kittanakere and Chaitra Mayya on 11/3/2021 to Paul Antonucci and Deborah Robbins for $700,000.

14 Madawaska Street, a 6 room Cape Cod on 0.11 acres, built in 1959:
Sold by Mary Curlew on 11/3/2021 to Gilles Knobloch for $575,000.

38-40 Genetti Circle, a 9 room Two-family Duplex on 0.20 acres, built in 1959:
Sold by Clifford Rober on 11/3/2021 to Whd Capital LLC for $465,000.

75 Page Road #26, a 5 room Condominium/Apartment, built in 1957:
Sold by Elden Wicks and Deepshikha Chauhan on 11/4/2021 to George and Marie Gibson for $539,000.

8 Harvard Drive, a 9 room Contemporary on 1.38 acres, built in 1972:
Sold by Nancy Katz on 11/5/2021 to Andres Repetto and Emily Butcher for $1,240,070.

17 Old Stagecoach Road, a 5 room Split Entry on 0.92 acres, built in 1967:
Sold by Douglas and Carolyn Weaver on 11/5/2021 to Frank and Shu Meng for $860,000.

12 Stonegate Lane #12, a 6 room Condominium/Townhouse, built in 1996:
Sold by Greg and Michelle Saltzman on 11/5/2021 to Harmon and Nina Willey for $900,000.

The Bedford Citizen posts real estate transfers through an agreement with The Warren Group.

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