Thank You from the 69th Annual First Church Turkey Dinner Team

~ Submitted by First Church of Christ, Congregational

Pastor John Castricum and four of the turkeys served during the 69th Annual Turkey Dinner ~ Courtesy image (c) 2021 all rights reserved

Well, the 69th Annual Turkey Dinner is in the books, and it certainly was one for the record books!

To everyone who reserved a meal, through SignUp Genius or by calling our church office, and came out in the inclement weather to pay for and pick up one of the 140 takeout meals we served over four half-hour time slots, thank you!

It was a logistical nightmare at times, but with a faithful team of tireless volunteers, we pulled it off.

This truly is a community event, and it was nice that so many people appreciated the effort and many local businesses were willing to pitch in, too.  From 12 dozen dinner rolls donated by Ken’s Deli, to plastic dressing containers for our homemade cranberry sauce from Steve’s Pizza, to little espresso shot cups donated by Gammy’s DD for our gravy, and waxed bakery bags for rolls, as well as all sizes of handled bags gladly given by grocery stores and fast-food restaurants in which to pack the takeout containers. It all made the assembly process prep a little more manageable.

Thanks from a very tired FCCC TD Chairperson, Dotty Blake :)

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