Walking or Biking at Night, Safety Lights Will Shine Thanks to the Rotary Club of Bedford

~ Submitted by the Rotary Club of Bedford

The trees on Bedford Common won’t be the only things shining brightly on Saturday, December 4.

Thanks to a partnership with MassBike, the Rotary Club of Bedford will distribute safety lights for cyclists and pedestrians, free of charge.

MassBike’s “lights brigade” program sends boxes of bike lights to teams of volunteers to help make bike riders more visible during the long winter nights. The  Rotary Club is also providing additional lights and reflector bands for pedestrian use.

Current state law in Massachusetts states that bikes operated at night  must have a front-facing white light, plus a rear-facing “lamp emitting  a red light, or a red reflector.”

Rotary Club member and ardent cyclist Ralph Hammond notes, “There are lots of walkers out there who are equally vulnerable. People walking on the bike path are seldom seen until the very last moment especially by quick-moving bikers. With very few street lights on the bike path, the need for personal safety lighting is extremely important. Promoting safety after  dark is something that is a constant need.”

Residents are encouraged to stop by the Rotary table at Bedford Fire  Department during the tree lighting event to pick up their free lights.

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