Ask Aunt Laura ~ DIY Gifting Ideas 2021 ~ # 1 Notes in a Jar

Some paper, something to write with, scissors, and a jar are basically all that is needed to make what I think is one of the most special gifts ever.

The jar will end up containing notes you create for that special someone.

Each day they will open the jar and pick out a note to read – talk about the perfect way to start your day!

These can be messages of love, special memories, jokes, fun facts… the sky is the limit!

The best part? This gift is truly from the heart and can be given to anyone and made by anyone.

It’s perfect for so many occasions – think birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, a child going off college or the service, and of course this holiday season.

This no-cost DIY Wednesday gift (although you can certainly get fancy with it!) is something that will truly be cherished forever.


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