Davis, Lane Students to Suggest Names for Town’s Snowplows

Working through the night – Image (c) Sheila Albrecht, 2013 all rights reserved

“Eye of the Tiger.” “Yo, Bro, No Snow.” “Blizzard Wizard.” “Br-rito.”

These are among the names selected by the Vermont Agency of Transportation from suggestions by schoolchildren to name individual snowplows in their communities.

Now Bedford hopes to capitalize on the idea.

Superintendent of Schools Philip Conrad told the School Committee at its virtual meeting last week about an upcoming process in which students at Davis and Lane Schools will be asked to suggest names for “the snowplows of Bedford.”

“We are going to partner with the Department of Public Works,” Conrad said, noting that the idea actually originated in Scotland. “We will begin the process soon.”

DPW Director David Manugian said later that the details are still being developed, but he hopes the named plows will visit the respective schools and students will be able to have a more personal relationship with the vehicles and the drivers.

“This is the best thing I’ve heard all week,” said committee member Dan Brosgol.

Jim Cozzi, who plowed Bedford streets for many years before retiring from the DPW, said in an email he can’t recall a program like this one. He added, “That sounds like a great idea.”

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