Holiday Plans – What’s Bedford Thinking?

‘Tis the Season! The holidays are here and it appears the Grinch is still in charge. 

With the coronavirus still raging and the uncertainty of the impact of the Omicron Variant yet to be determined, everyone seems to be looking for their own safe version of celebrating.  How do you define safe?

Will you be going to holiday parties?  Will you be gathering with friends?  Going to Church?

What is Bedford thinking about what is safe to do during the holidays this year?

Ready to be counted? Vote in the poll until noon next Saturday, December 18. You’ll find the poll on The Citizen’s main page, or by scrolling on your phone or tablet.

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9 months ago

While I appreciate this poll giving us a snap-shot of the opinions and projected actions of those voting at this point in time, I’m not sure that the responses answer Mr. Kalb’s question, “How do you define safe?” Without responses from these same questions being asked in previous years, there is no data to compare to know if the responses reflect an attitude of feeling safe or not.

Also, the responses to the questions may have nothing to do with feeling safe or not. At the holiday times, some people fly and some do not – some go caroling and some do not – some go to indoor parties and some do not. A decision to not fly this year may be solely based on wanting to be home for Christmas – not a reflection of feeling safe on an airplane or not.

Again, I appreciate the snap-shot look, but I don’t feel the responses give any real indication of people’s views of feeling safe or not at this point in time.

9 months ago

Thank you. I think the results of the poll might be skewed though as it wasn’t an option earlier when people voted and in just the hour since you added that choice 2 others have voted for it as well. Please do remember to include this option in future polls!

Hope you & yours stay safe this winter!

9 months ago

There’s no option for “None of the Above” so I can’t vote in this poll.

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