Letter to the Editor: William Moonan will not Seek a Fifth Term on Bedford’s Select Board

It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve as a Selectman for the past 12 years.  Bedford has faced many challenges during that time period and undergone significant changes.

My chief goals as a Selectman have been to identify creative solutions to meet Bedford’s current and future fiscal and planning challenges and obligations and to protect Bedford’s historic and small-town character.  To accomplish the first of these goals, I have attended almost every Finance Committee and Capital Expenditures Committee meeting held since I was first elected.  FinCom has treated me as an ad hoc member over the years, asking for my comments and suggestions about many issues.  At Select Board meetings I offer a financial point of view to discussions that impact the raising or expending of funds.  I’d like to believe that I have caused my fellow Board members to pause to consider the financial impact of their decisions on the Town’s citizenry before taking any action.

Among the changes I have led the Town through:

  • Improving the transparency of Town government by successfully pushing for the establishment of video broadcasts of Select Board and other committee meetings.
  • As Select Board Chair, I lead the process of hiring a new Town Manager.
  • Negotiating and establishing a contractual basis for Bedford TV’s operations.
  • Causing fees collected by the Recreation Commission to be used to support current activities rather than being “banked.”

To realize the second of these goals – to protect Bedford’s small-town character, in 2014 I proposed the creation of a cultural district in Bedford, and then worked with our economic development coordinator and a group of stakeholders to establish it.  The process took much longer to achieve than I expected, but the State recently approved our submission.  The cultural district will help promote cultural groups and activities in town as well as lead to more tourism and enhanced economic activity.  I also proposed the creation of an historical museum to preserve Bedford’s heritage.  I served on several committees and worked with consultants to create a vision of how and where this can be accomplished.  I hope, and expect, that this vision will be implemented in the near future.

Other changes I have instigated:

  • The saving of Center School and converting it into Town Center.
  • Significant changes to original plans for additions to the DPW building, Town Center, Police Station, and Depot Park to maintain the continuity of town architecture.
  • The purchase of the VFW building.

Change is the one constant that has occurred over my tenure as a Selectman.  I’ve worked with two Town Managers, three Public Works Directors, two Building Department Directors, two Town Clerks, and numerous other changes in staff personnel.

It is now my turn to retire and allow a younger generation to lead us into the future.  I will not be seeking the office of Select Board member for the coming three-year term.  I will miss the opportunity to contribute to Bedford’s wellbeing in this role but will continue to serve on other committees.  I want to thank the many people who supported and advised me over the years and, thus, made this adventure possible.

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Patty Dahlgren
Patty Dahlgren
4 months ago

Thank you Bill. Thank you. With gratitude.

JoLynne Johnson
JoLynne Johnson
5 months ago

Thank you, Bill, for your dedication, insights and years of service to my hometown!

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