Superintendent Conrad’s Friday Update ~ December 17, 2021

As it does each week, Superintendent Conrad’s Friday message touches on a variety of topics important to the Bedford Schools.

Like many communities throughout the state we have seen our number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise. To date, we are following a very similar pattern to last year. Last year we saw a rise in cases from Halloween through Thanksgiving and into winter break. This year has been similar. Please know that we are working closely with DESE and the Bedford Department of Health and Human Services to keep our staff and students safe. With that in mind, your child’s school may need to adjust its procedures to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19 in our schools. Please keep an eye out for any messaging to that effect that may come from your child’s principal.

On Wednesday we heard from DESE Commissioner Jeff Riley who told us that DESE is working with DPH and its medical advisory board to determine the next steps in regards to masks, vaccinations, booster shots, and whether or not to extend the test and stay program. While the commissioner did not have any announcements, he did let us know that DESE is working on these things and will try to have more information for us at the beginning of next month.

BEF Grants
Thank you to the Bedford Education Foundation for their generous donation of $13,000 in the form of teacher and school grants. The grants will let teachers, grade levels, departments, and schools complete some really unique and innovative activities that might not otherwise be possible.  For a complete list of grants or to become involved please navigate to the Bedford Education Foundation Website

Tuesday, December 21, 2021, will be the final school committee meeting of the calendar year. The focus of the meeting will be the presentation of the superintendent’s budget. Please feel free to join us virtually for the meeting. If you are not able to join us, know that all of the presented materials will be posted to our BPS website later next week.

COVID Case Updates
Please check the link below to review current and past cases of COVID-19 cases within our school community.

Link to COVID-19 Cases in the Bedford Public Schools This Week

COVID-19 Testing Programs 

We continued with COVID safety checks this week for grades Pre-K to 12. This week we completed 343 tests at Davis, 394 tests at Lane, 216 tests at JGMS, and 119 tests at BHS. The results of the tests at Davis, and BHS  were negative.  This week there was one positive pool at JGMS that resulted in one positive case, and one positive pool at Lane School that resulted in one positive case.  Those individuals who were part of the positive pool have been notified and contact tracing completed.
Please note, we will not be testing next week (the week of December 20, 2021).  We can only run the pooled testing program when the school is able to complete the entire process from the initial period pooled test through completion of all needed follow-up tests/tracing.  We will resume weekly testing following the break starting at JGMS on Monday, January 3, 2021, Lane School on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, and BHS and Davis Schools on Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

We continue to encourage everyone to sign up for the COVID-19 safety tests as a means of keeping the community safe.

BPS COVID-19 Testing Sign Up Link

Positions available

The Bedford Public Schools are seeking substitute teachers and Special Education Teaching Assistants.  If you are interested please apply at BPS Substitutes or to BPS Special Education Teaching Assistants.

As always, thank you for your patience, your participation, and your continued commitment to our schools

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