What Does Summer 2022 Hold for Springs Brook Park? Recreation Commission Mulls Ideas

One topic that has been a constant on the Recreation Commission agenda for the past 50 years is Springs Brook Park.

The commission met Wednesday evening and asked Recreation Director Amy Hamilton to devise scenarios of an operational model for the park in the summer of 2022.

Last summer, balancing Covid-19 concerns, a shortage of lifeguards, and financial considerations, the park was open fewer hours than in previous years.

“I’m sure we want to expand on hours from last year,” Hamilton said, adding, “Staffing could be a real challenge.” The director said she will seek input from the Department of Public Works and any other arms of local government involved with the program. Her models will “stay away from challenges that could impact safety and quality.”

Commission Chair Robin Steele noted that any decision short of closing the park entirely is in the bailiwick of the commission.

There will also likely be a special feature in the summer of 2022: a celebration of the park’s 50th anniversary.

“Some former staff would like to be involved in planning something,” Hamilton told the commission, noting that the 50th anniversary actually was last summer. She doesn’t envision a formal subcommittee; rather “just a group of interested people who can help us brainstorm.”

She added that the Rotary Club of Bedford has asked to be involved, “because they were instrumental in the development of the park.”

Hamilton and commission members did some brainstorming about ways to attract lifeguards, which are regionally in short supply. “Is there any way we can incentivize people to learn to become a lifeguard?” Steele inquired. She suggested exploring some kind of cooperative arrangement with other towns.

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