Letter to the Editor:  Regarding Kelly Horton, Candidate for School Committee

~ Submitted by Melissa Farb, Melissa Lynch, and Meredith Wasko

Please join us in supporting Kelly Horton for School Committee.

We are friends of Kelly brought closer together during the pandemic. Currently our children are at Davis & Lane, and we will have children in the school system until 2038. Our families moved to Bedford for the school system. Part of the fabric of a strong school system is an effective School Committee. We feel the current School Committee lacks balance to represent each school. Only one school committee member has a child at Davis and this child will be moving to Lane in the fall. It is important to have representation from the Davis community going forward and there is no one better to fill this role than Kelly Horton. She is the only candidate running for School Committee that can represent the Davis Community and will be able to do so until 2026.

Kelly is a committed member of the community. She demonstrates this in her role as a soccer/basketball coach for our first graders and as a voice for parents. Last year Kelly devised a group of nearly 200 parents across all grades to advocate for a safe return to in person learning. In leading this effort, known as Bring Bedford Back Safely, Kelly worked collaboratively with parents of children across all four schools.  She was committed to a productive and respectful dialogue about the challenges the hybrid-remote learning platform created in our community. In doing so, she sought feedback, developed common key goals, and fostered an environment of teamwork. Driven with a passion to ensure our school system was responding to the needs of all students, Kelly continued to advocate until all K-12 students returned to in-person learning even when it did not affect her family directly.

While the three us may not agree on everything, we agree that educating our youth is the foundation of a strong and successful individual, and stable community. Moving into this next phase of the pandemic, it is crucial to continue to remain compassionate, open minded, ask questions, be generative, and have challenging conversations to ensure our children receive the education and opportunities they need to flourish. We unequivocally believe that Kelly Horton is the person for this role, and we hope you will join us in voting for Kelly on March 12th.

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